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There are 13 checkpoints along the route all of which require a pile of equipment to operate. There are signs, tents, pylons, safety equipment and in the case of the overnight checkpoints lights and flashlights. Much of the equipment lives at Sport Yukon and has to be sorted to ensure that each checkpoint receives everything they need to operate. Some of the equipment has to be picked up from various locations around Whitehorse.

These positions are all required before or after the race so are ideal for someone taking part in the race or volunteering on race day.

Please note these positions all require a lot of moving and lifting. Please contact us if you would like more information about the positions

LOCATION: Sport Yukon, Whitehorse

TIME: Week leading up to the race


  • Drive around town picking up sign, tents and more

  • Drive to Skagway and place road signs at each checkpoint on the Thursday before the race

Requirements: 1 or 2 (must have valid driving license)

Equipment Sorting before the race

  • Assist with getting the equip ment ready and sorted into piles for each checkpoint

  • Assist with equipment repairs if necessary

  • Assist in handing out of the equipment to the checkpoint mangers

Requirement: 3

Equipment Inventory and Storage

  • Assist with inventorying the equipment after the race

  • Assist with repair of any damaged equipment

  • Store the equipment in an organized manner ready for next year

Requirement : 3

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