Volunteer Information

If you are interested in volunteering, please email krrvolunteer@gmail.com  so we can ensure that you are placed in the right position. 


Yukon Built has provided swag for our volunteers! Volunteers have the choice between a toque, ball cap, water bottle, or t-shirt if they sign up before July 1, 2022. After July 1, 2022, volunteers will receive a water bottle.

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Click here to view the latest 2022 KRR Volunteer Guide

Updated June 30, 2022

Volunteer Positions

Checkpoint Positions

  • 300 metres out - use radio to report​ bib numbers of each runner back to the checkpoint

  • Bib Caller/Checker - records bib numbers in order they arrive

  • Radio Person - radios bib numbers to waiting area

  • Start of Chute - announce bib numbers as they enter the checkpoint

  • End of Chute - ensure no interference with runners leaving the chute

Checkpoint Waiting Area Positions

  • Bib Recorder - records bib numbers reported by out station and tells the person with the megaphone 

  • Megaphone Person - announce runners, so teammates can prepare for tag off

  • Participant Checker - Ensure the runners in the waiting area are ready for the hand off. Ensures the runners bib numbers are visible on the front and back.

Checkpoint Manager- floater, incidents, outhouse detail, fun director, communicator, fill in for breaks

Pedestrian Management - Crossing in ensure pedestrians do not come to checkpoint. Runners cross road safely in designated area. Support teams stay away from runners entering/leaving the checkpoint

Parking - Direct traffic to designated parking areas. Keep start and end of runners chute clear or vehicles.  Do not allow parking or stopping in no parking areas.  Record team BIB# for those not following your direction

  • Timing Lead - Scott & Laura Williamson

  • First Aid Lead - Kristie Simpson

  • YARA-Lead - Ray Fugard

  • Race Marshals and Sweeps

  • Party in the Park - Cathy Hoehn

  • Volunteer Committee

  • Race Packs/Registration - Ken Sylvestre

  • Extra Helpers