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Thank you Northwestel for your financial contribution to the Klondike Road Relay. Without your support we would not be able to hold this iconic event enjoyed by so many people. 

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Thank you for sponsoring a KRR checkpoint and for supporting our "chill" zone at the Party in the Park. We can provide our participants an epic Party in the Park thanks to your contributions.

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Thank you Northland Beverages for supporting our youth race category and sponsoring our checkpoints. Your generous support is appreciated by everyone.


Thank you to Coast Mountain Sports/Sports Experts for ensuring that all of our participants have the most stylish race gear, co-hosting our volunteer night and giving us space for our digital display. 

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Thank you Yukon Built for sponsoring our volunteers and providing them with awesome gear. You certainly have us covered. We appreciate you supporting our volunteers, as this event would not be the same without them.


Thank you Mammoth Agency for your marketing expertise and ensuring that the epic-ness of the Klondike Road Relay is seen by many. 


Thank you Yukon Brewing for sponsoring our volunteer night and contributing to our after race "Party in the Park". Your contributions will help make this event epic. 


Thank you CKRW for publicly advertising the Klondike Road Relay and bringing awareness to this iconic event. You have helped spread the word and will contribute to a successful race.  


Thank you New Balance for donating eight pairs of running shoes that will be given to lucky participants at the Party in the Park. 

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Thank you to our friends across the border for hosting the start of this iconic race. The first leg runners will surely enjoy everything that Skagway has to offer!


Thank you Yukon Energy for contributing to the success of the post race Party in the Park! Your donated umbrellas will be greatly appreciated!


Through the donation of the Giver Truck, Driving Force helps move the organizing teams down the race course. Thank you for alleviating that travel stress. 


Thank you Panago for feeding our volunteers and donating pizzas to our Volunteer Appreciation Night!

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Thank you Yukon Yamaha for your support of the Klondike Road Relay. By supplying the race with lights and generators, we can ensure the racers travel safely through the night. 


Thank you to the Community Development Fund for your support of our KRR Strategic and Safety Plan Project.

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  • Supersave Propane

  • Yukon Co

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