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How Road Stories work

The purpose of road stories is to have racers or volunteers place interesting stories about past races that they have participated in.

These stories can be interesting events, harrowing experiences or just plain funny happenings. You can also upload pictures with your post.

The process is to add a new story (New Post). We will then review the story for content. (Keep them clean please)

Don Bremner 01-05-2012
Oh Canada!

If it was not for the Klondike I would not have a Passport and I would not have seen o.r experienced the beautiful city of Whitehorse!

I've been to baseball and basketball stadiums with thousands of screaming fans! Cheering and shouting loudly, but even that doesn't compare to the cheering of your Klondike Team mates, or quiet words of encouragement!

The Klondike really did help create legends in our own time; big names like Glenn Frick, Merry Ellefson, Bob Rehfeld, Peter Metcalfe, Kurt Hopewell, Keith Levy and other old buggers, and many others that we passed in the night! All running wide open, that's for sure!

Once per year at Klondike there are no slackers!
Then there are many babes up and coming, the Seanna's, Carrie's, many Lisa's and one Ricardo!

It's a blast! Only Canada can throw a middle of the night running event!

It's a great race!


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