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Klondike Trail of '98 International Road Relay

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Team Name: Klas Stolpe
Captain: Klas Stolpe
Category: TRAIL OF 98 ULTRA
Team ID: 3578
Bib: 500

Did not finished

Final Time:
Penalty: 0 Min
Total Time:
Pace: 00:00:00
MPH: 0
Final Place by Category: Did not finished
Final Placing Overall for Special Teams (All Legs):Did not finished
Klas Stolpe - 2015

Leg   Dist.   Participant   Gender   Race Time   Penalty   Leg Time   Pace MPH   Place by
Place by  
Place by
All 109.50 Klas Stolpe male 05:00:00 05:00:00 00:02:44 21.9 1 1 1

    Definitions of Individual Statistics Place by:

  • Category - where the individual placed overall in his/her leg by Category
  • Gender - Male or Female standing for their Leg only
  • Pace - standing based on pace time for individual leg only