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Registration for KRR 2024 will open on May 15, 2024


  • To register for the relay you need a profile on the registration and results system.

    • If you created a profile in 2023 log into your existing profile

    • If you don't have an account you will need follow the steps to create a new profile

  • Team captains purchase a team from one of the categories shown below

  • All other team members can log into their profile and join the team

  • When you join a team you will be asked to pick a leg - you can change the leg you are running/walking at a later date

  • If you are participating in the youth or masters categories you will need to enter your date of birth in your profile

  • All runners need to enter their 10 km time to enable us to allocate your team a start time. Please enter your average 10 km time for a fairly flat course. Do NOT make adjustments for the hills you will be encountering on the course. 


Skagway start

10 person running team

Run course in under 21.5 hours

Leg lengths 10.3 - 25.6 km


Carcross start

8 person running team

Run course in under 10.5 hours

Leg lengths 7 - 11.7 km

Carcross start

8 person youth running team

Carcross start

Solo running team

Carcross start

8 person walking team

Carcross start

4 person walking team

Walk course in under 11.5 hours

Leg lengths 7 - 11.7 km


Running team captains will pick on of the following options when registering the team

Youth - All runners between 10 and 18 years of age on day of race

Open - Some or all runners are under 40 years of age on day of race

Masters - All runners over 40 years of age on day of race

Corporate - 60% of runners from or representing a company or organization


Your team will be assigned a category once all team members are registered

(Corporate and walking teams do not have gender categories)

Male - all team members identify as male

Female - all team members identify as female

Mixed - Any combination of participants

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