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From the start, runners proceed north through town on Broadway Street, turning left on 7th Avenue, right on State Street, and across the Skagway River Bridge. At 4.1km, the road begins to climb up into the White Pass, past both old and new U.S. Customs Stations to Checkpoint 2 at the White Pass Viewpoint.

Total: 14.1km.


Leaving Checkpoint 4, the road winds through rolling terrain with steep mountains on the left and a series of small lakes on the right.  The road crosses the White Pass tracks (WATCH YOUR STEP!) and winds gently down to Tutshi Lake and Checkpoint 5.

Total: 21 km


Leaving Checkpoint 7, runners are once again required to cross the road unless it is already daylight.  Follow instructions from station personnel and watch for the pylons.  A number of curves in the road and gentle rolling hills lead you past the Carcross Desert on the right, Spirit Lake on the right, up a fairly steep hill past the Emerald Lake Viewpoint on the left and into Checkpoint 8.

Total: 14km

LEG 10

In this leg runners enter the Alaska Highway and will experience increased traffic.  At Km 11.5 runners will cross the highway obeying traffic control persons and enter the Miles Canyon Section.   Run facing traffic.   At the South Access to Whitehorse, stay on the right until you reach the path along the river which wil take you  past the boat, under the bridge to the finish line.

Total: 19.3 km


This is the steepest leg of the race, as well as the shortest. The road climbs sharply out of Checkpoint 2, crosses the Moore Creek suspension bridge, proceeds up to the White Pass Summit at an elevation of 1004 metres, and then it is just a short 1.2 km gradual downhill to Checkpoint 3. Visibility and weather can be tricky in the pass so please be careful.  LEG 2 is an additional 1.2 km from what it says on the map. 


Total: 10.2 km 


After leaving Checkpoint 5, runners will follow the shoreline of Tutshi Lake.  The lake is to the right with steep mountains very close to the road on the left.  This leg of the race consists of mostly rolling hills with lots of curves.  At about KM 14.5 there is a fairly challenging 2 KM uphill stretch, followed by a 3 KM downhill.

Total: 22.2 km


The road from Checkpoint 8 features gentle, rolling hills mixed with flat straight sections.  Coming into Checkpoint 9, you will be required to cross the road if you are not already on the left-hand side. Follow the pylons and directions from station personnel.

Total: 19.8 km


Support vehicles are not allowed to park on the side of the road from the Carcross Cut-off to the finish line, only park in pullouts and side roads!   


Support vehicles are not allowed in the Miles Canyon Section.


When leaving Checkpoint 3 at Outhouse Hill pullout.  The road drops down from the summit to a relatively flat, winding section with some hills.  When approaching the Canada Customs station at Fraser, BC, runners stay to the right of the vehicle lanes.  All vehicles must proceed through Canada Customs for normal clearing procedures.

LEG 3 is 1.2 km less than what the map is showing.

Total: 11.2 km


There is an immediate climb as you leave Checkpoint 6 followed by a gentle rolling highway and a gradual uphill grade for 19 KM.  This is followed by a gentle ascent to the Bove Island Viewpoint and then down into Checkpoint 7 at Carcross.  Runners must cross the road to reach the checkpoint.  Watch for pylons and directions from station personnel.

Total: 25.3km


Runners leaving Checkpoint 9 stay on the left side of the road and proceed toward the Carcross Corner over gentle rolling hills and curves.  Kookatsoon Lake will be on the right side of the road at approx. KM 13, where a gentle climb is encountered before a gradual descent into

Checkpoint 10.  

Total: 17.8 km

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Leg 7

Carcross - 7.0km (4.3 mi)

Leg 8

Emerald Lake - 9.3km (5.8 mi)

Leg 9

Annie Lake Road - 8.5km (5.3 mi)

Leg 10

Carcross Corner - 11.7km (7.2 mi)

Leg 7B

Spirit Lake Sign - 7.0km (4.3 mi)

Leg 8B

White Sign 'Attn Hunters' - 10.5km (6.5 mi)

Leg 9B

Truck Pull Out on Right - 9.3km (5.8 mi)

Leg 10B

Alaska Hwy. & Miles Canyon Rd. - 7.6km (4.7 mi)

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